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Ordering Gis  
Order New Judo Gis

Students who wish to order Judo gis may email your order request to Jerrica Lin at wintercity@gmail.com with information on your current height and weight. Students in junior class must include your age and gender along with your order request.

Pick up for your gis can be arranged by having them dropped off at the dojo before or after class.

Gi Care

A gi will last a few years when treated with respect. Following these suggestions will help you maintain your gi:

  • Do NOT leave a wet/sweaty gi balled up in your gi bag
  • Hang dry your gi after every use
  • Wash your gi in cold water with similar colours
  • Turn the gi inside out during wash
  • Avoid using bleach or detergent with bleach
  • For health reasons, wash your gi BEFORE it starts to smell

New Gi Preparation Procedure

A new cotton gi will shrink when it gets wet. Expect from 10 - 20% shrinkage along the sleeve length. The degree of shrinkage varies between brands (unique weave, cotton density, and gi design) but this procedure will quickly reduce your new gi to its natural state.

Maximum shrinkage will occur if you use a dryer. Usually you must shrink the gi at least twice before it reaches its final size.

Once the gi has been shrunk you may hem the pants and/or sleeves.

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